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Griffin, Georgia Law Helps Those Facing Foreclosure

Attorneys Debra and James Dutton
Strong Advocates for Those Who Are Struggling

When you take out a loan to purchase a home, you sign two critical documents: a promissory note and a deed to secure debt (also known as a mortgage), which gives the lender the legal right to take away your home if you default on the loan. The process of seizing a home after a default is called a foreclosure. If your loan is in default and you may be facing foreclosure, Georgia Attorney Debra Dutton will protect your legal rights and do everything she can to help you keep your home.

Foreclosure in Georgia

Georgia is a non-judicial foreclosure state, meaning a lender can foreclose on a home without filing a lawsuit or appearing before a judge in court. If you are in default under the terms of your original promissory note or mortgage, your mortgage holder is required to provide you with written notice of its intent to foreclose. This notice must be sent via registered or certified mail at least 30 days before the proposed foreclosure. Before the start of the foreclosure sale, the mortgage holder must also file proof that it owns title to the security instrument related to the property with the superior court of the county where the property is located.

A Property Owner’s Rights in Foreclosure

Under the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, you have the right to request information about your mortgage and demand that your account be corrected if an error was made by the lender or loan servicer. Federal law also requires that the lender or servicer acknowledge your letter within 20 days and provide you with an answer within 60 days.

You can consult with a Georgia attorney experienced with foreclosure law to file a bankruptcy petition to stop the foreclosure process. If you have been notified that your home is in foreclosure, you need to act immediately after receiving a foreclosure notice.

Contact a Compassionate Georgia Foreclosure Law Firm

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are concerned about foreclosure? Contact the experienced lawyers at Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC to set up your free initial consultation today.

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