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Taking Theft and Burglary Charges Seriously

You may think because you are charged with a property crime, like burglary or some other type of property theft, that you do not need to be concerned with the charges. Yes, the penalties are less severe for most property crimes, but every criminal charge is a threat to your liberty.

There is also the cumulative effect. If you have prior convictions, any additional convictions or guilty pleas could allow for more severe sentencing and longer prison terms, especially if you are charged with a violent crime or a serious felony.

There Are No Short Cuts for Criminal Charges. Don’t Dismiss a Theft or Burglary Charge

Our attorney knows the risks presented by every criminal charge and works to defend our clients aggressively. Our team at Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC is experienced with a wide range of criminal charges, and our lawyer has represented hundreds of clients in courtrooms across Central Georgia.

We know there are no shortcuts when developing an effective defense for theft or burglary charges. We examine the facts of the case, and carefully inspect every element to determine where the prosecution’s case is weak or questionable.

Did you enter a building? Was it a “smash and grab?” Is it based on eyewitness testimony or video? Can they trace physical evidence to you? Could restitution or a return of property resolve the matter?

Our firm wants to help you develop a strong defense and to resolve the criminal charges in a way that allows you put this unfortunate incident behind you. Our experience provides us the ability to analyze your situation and propose a solution that will brighten your future.

Attorney Providing the Representation You Need and Deserve

Located in Griffin, Georgia, Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC can help defend your theft or burglary charges. Call our firm today at 770-229-5959, or send us an email and give us an opportunity to start building an aggressive defense for you.

For Strong Advocates in Criminal Defense & Debt Relief in Central Georgia