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Griffin, Georgia Attorneys Assist With Wills and Probate

Dutton & Dutton Experienced With Estate Planning

A last will and testament can perform various critical functions, including distributing property, naming an executor for an estate, designating guardians for minor children, and forgiving debts after death. If a Georgia resident passes away without a valid will, they are said to have died “intestate,” meaning that their property will likely have to go through probate before it can be distributed to their heirs.

Probate in Georgia

Probate is a process supervised by the court that provides a designated person (usually a surviving spouse or another family member) with the authority to assemble a decedent’s assets, pay debts and outstanding taxes, and distribute assets among heirs. Attorney Debra Dutton will perform a thorough checkup on your current deed or will – or create new documents – and will guide you through probate, if necessary, to streamline the Georgia estate administration process for you and your family.


Not all assets need to go through probate in Georgia. Some types of assets that may transfer automatically at the time of death include:

Tenancy by the Entirety With Right of Survivorship

For married couples, the survivor assumes ownership of the entire property upon the other tenant’s death. However, you will need an attorney to complete a new deed, an affidavit, and a PT-61 form.

Beneficiary Designations

Retirement accounts and life insurance policies have designated beneficiaries, meaning that these beneficiaries will be entitled to the assets upon the death of the account holder or policy owner.

Transfer-on-Death Registrations

Georgia allows individuals to register stocks and bonds in transfer-on-death (TOD) form, meaning that the beneficiary named will inherit the account automatically at the time of death. The state does not allow TOD registration of vehicles.

Payable on Death Accounts

Bank and brokerage account owners may have designated beneficiaries to receive account assets upon their death.

Joint Tenancy

When one joint tenant passes away, ownership of the entire asset goes to the surviving joint tenant, without the need for a court order. However, you will need an attorney to complete a new deed, an affidavit, and a PT-61 form.

Contact an Experienced Griffin, Georgia Wills and Probate Lawyer

Are you looking for a Georgia attorney who is knowledgeable about wills and probate? Contact Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC for competent legal assistance in creating end-of-life documents that will protect your family’s interests.

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