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Getting Your Child A Second Chance In Juvenile Court

Juvenile court is very different from adult court. The procedures and punishments are different, but the potential penalties and future impact of juvenile offenses should never be underestimated.

The juvenile justice system is designed to promote rehabilitation over punishment. Our job is to ensure that your son or daughter is offered help and opportunities instead of simply being penalized.

Has Your Son Or Daughter Been Charged With A Juvenile Crime?

In juvenile court, youths are not convicted of a crime in the adult court sense. However, an adjudication as a juvenile delinquent does not go away at age 21. Juvenile offenses can be used against your son or daughter as a prior offense if he or she is charged with a new crime in the future.

We work to make sure that your child receives due process and is not railroaded or unjustly punished, and takes advantage of counseling, treatment and other rehabilitative programs. Our firm has defended young people accused of every type of crime, including:

Beware The Double Penalty For Offenses On School Property

In addition to juvenile court adjudication, the school districts have their own tribunals for student offenses are separate proceedings with a separate judge and prosecutor. Our lawyer can represent youths in front of school tribunals. We can negotiate to avoid suspensions and other harsh sanctions such as exclusion from sports and school activities.

Let Us Help Protect Your Child

At Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC in Griffin, we understand your fear for your child when facing a juvenile charge, and we know how to protect their rights and their future. Call now at 770-229-5959 or contact us online.

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