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Griffin, Georgia Law Firm Experienced in Tree Law Disputes

Dutton & Dutton Handles Falling Tree Liability Claims

In Georgia, the owner of a tree can be held responsible for damages and injuries resulting from a falling tree, but only if they had prior knowledge that the tree was diseased, decayed, or otherwise dangerous. If the tree appeared normal and the owner had no reason to suspect an issue with it, then they might not be considered to be at fault. However, if the owner should have reasonably known that there was a problem, they could be responsible for damages.

If your tree caused damage to another person or their property, or if you were harmed by another person’s tree, you need an attorney who understands Georgia tree law – James Dutton of Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC.

Georgia Tree Ownership and Potential Liability

In Georgia, the ownership of a tree is determined by the property on which it is located. If the tree trunk stands entirely on one property, the tree is entirely that person’s responsibility. In this case, a property survey can answer any questions regarding ownership. While tree ownership is usually clear, if a tree trunk is located on the property line, this results in joint ownership.

While tree ownership may be obvious, the responsibilities that accompany owning a tree in Georgia may not be as clear. Some of the issues that can arise between neighbors regarding tree ownership and responsibility include:

  • An existing tree leans or its branches are overhanging an adjoining property.
  • Tree limbs have broken off and damaged another’s property.
  • A tree has dropped debris on a neighbor’s yard.
  • A tree has fallen or is threatening to fall on a neighbor’s property.

Georgia law does not require inspection of trees for potential issues. However, if a landowner is concerned about a tree’s health, they should have it inspected by a certified arborist to uphold their responsibilities and protect the safety of others.

Contact a Griffin, Georgia Law Firm Experienced in Falling Tree Liability Claims

Trees play an important role in the history, economy, and environment in Georgia, yet only a handful of law firms in the state focus on falling tree liability claims. If you need competent legal advice regarding a tree law dispute, contact Dutton & Dutton Law Firm, LLC today.

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